How To: Style Men’s Sneakers


The men’s sneakers at Brand Boudoir are far from standard pristine white trainers, which stay looking new for about a week until they begin to take on a grungy vibe. It’s hard work to keep white trainers clean! But with our fantastic range from designer brand Ash Footwear, you’ll find many different styles in dark and neutral colours for a fashionable take on the traditional sports shoe. Here we share some styling tips to help you achieve the perfect look.
You can’t go wrong with the ultimate wardrobe staple of skinny jeans. This type of jean is ideal when paired with hi-top sneakers which are a take on the classic baseball shoe. Ash Footwear has some black leather hi-tops with buckle embellishments and studs, which perfectly embodies the brand’s signature tough-luxe style. Look smart by tucking your skinnies into the shoes to show them off. Even slim leg regular jeans will give the illusion of thinner, long legs and will show a good portion of the shoe.


Skinny jeans not your thing? Don’t worry, that’s what chinos are for! Originally designed for military purposes in the 19th century, chinos were affectionately named ‘cotton twill trousers’ that were starched and harsh on the skin. These days, the renamed ‘chinos’ have become a contemporary staple in men’s wardrobes as their popularity increases. Perfectly versatile, they’re smart enough to wear for formal occasions or for everyday wear. Due to the slight tapering design, they’re easy to pair with footwear. Opt for city slick slip-on trainers with a textured finish, such as embossed croc, for a modern take on the trainer. Turn up the ends of the chinos, so your ankle is on show for extra style points.


Lastly, we have the garment that doesn’t get much of a look in outside of the gym due to the lack of warm weather in the UK – shorts. Choose a low-top baseball shoe with metal stud detail for a casual chic look. A well cushioned, comfortable trainer crafted in leather is your go-to here; an updated, alternative to the traditional trainer will take you from the field to the pub. Ideal.  

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